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Walsh are dedicated to sustainable design, and are always searching for ways to make our projects more sustainable. This is both to meet our own demanding internal sustainability targets, and for the benefit of our clients. Looking forward, we are keen to meet our client’s aspirations on sustainability and offer further intelligent solutions. We encourage innovation and debate both internally and within the industry and continue to keep pace with the latest developments in sustainability.

Click below to view more information about our mission to create a sustainable future, & our Zero Carbon report which details our current figures for carbon emissions across the 3 scopes, and our commitment to reaching the UK 2050 Net Zero Target.

sustainability-brochurezero-carbon report


There are several sustainability services we can provide for our clients including:

Embodied Carbon. We have invested in developing an exciting new embodied carbon assessment tool. Using the ECAT, Walsh have developed a system to internally monitor the sustainability of our projects via, in part, Embodied Carbon Assessments. Walsh can provide reports and graphics on the sustainable performance of our designs to our clients, as our way of helping raising awareness and inform on environmental impacts. The tool is built on the foundations of research, conducted at several leading universities, and we’re working with UK-GBC & industry experts on creating guidelines for businesses to use. The tool is currently being audited by a leading UK university.

Specialist BREEAM advice. There are numerous areas where Walsh has the capability to influence BREEAM credits gained throughout the design process, however use of our whole life carbon assessments opens up additional possibilities to gain innovation credits. We estimate that on a typical project we could add approximately 5 percentage points to the final score, with the potential for almost double.

Sustainable Urban Drainage. Walsh is proud of it’s expertise in Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS), and even helped pioneer one of the earliest examples of a modern SUDS systems, which was later used by CIRIA as an industry case study.