Embassy Gardens,Phases 1, 2 & 3

Residential and Commercial

This prestigious development consists of six housing blocks to date with diverse architectural features. Walsh were uniquely placed to design an innovative range of both concrete and steel solutions and advise on the ground remediation of this former gasworks site.

The initial phase of the residential development was located above a basement car park. In order to achieve the desired random appearance of the housing blocks in this location and secure the visually arresting projections of the cladding, Walsh designed a roof cantilever hanging system. This supported the cladding so that it outlined the top 3-storeys of the 19-storey block like a picture frame. We also suggested a post-tensioned transfer deck that allowed a metre depth to be saved at 1st floor, creating significant cost and time savings for our client. The Walsh team worked closely with the contractors throughout to avoid areas of contamination and ground obstructions across the site, which was previously a decommissioned gasworks.

The first phase of this project also featured a rectangular bridge 6-storeys above the podium deck, from the 8th floor level to the 12th floor, providing residential accommodation. The Walsh in-house team designed a vierendeel transfer system to carry 4-storeys of housing spanning between the two tower blocks. All the steel was designed in house and we worked closely with the contractors to develop the construction sequence. With our specialisms in both post tensioned and reinforced concrete we were able to provide proposals for both post tensioned concrete work and/or a steel transfer system. This gave our client the option to consider both solutions side by side, eventually choosing the steel transfer system. We were further able to assist in this project by analysing flood risks and seeking several approvals for our client such as the LUL buildover for the Northern Line Extension and the AIP for Highway structures.

The second phase of this project is still ongoing and incorporates a series of multi-storey blocks of up to 23-storeys in height. Our challenge is to connect two of the feature pinnacle blocks with an acrylic swimming pool at the 10th floor. The acrylic will be designed by specialist engineers, working closely with Walsh who are designing and detailing the support structures. We look forward to completing this visually engaging and dynamic development that is sure to gain attention within the industry.

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Key Facts

  • Client: Ballymore
  • Location: London
  • Year: 2015

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