Greenford Industrial Estate


A project at the smaller end of our project range but which still demanded several departments of expertise, sophisticated technology and an innovative solution.

This project involved a large existing warehouse within which a mezzanine storage floor was to be constructed to carry very heavy loads. On our first assessment we identified that ground conditions were poor and consisted of 4metres of ‘fill’ material.

The initial designs presented to us were deemed unfeasible, as they would never meet the programme deadline. Traditional reinforced concrete ‘rafts’ on vibro stone columns had been suggested, but in order to meet the tight tolerances of industrial floor slabs, the rafts would have needed to be constructed in ‘bays’ 6mx6m – this was not possible within the time limit.

Our innovative design team suggested an alternative Рa hybrid solution of traditionally reinforced coupled with fibre reinforced concrete. This allowed us to combine the benefits of both materials: the strength of reinforced concrete and the large pours of fibre reinforced concrete.

Walsh worked with specialist fibre supplier Twintec and developed a consistent design combining Twintec’s Finite Element (FE) and our own non-linear FE analysis.¬†Although we had very little leeway to adapt plans and an extremely tight timescale we were proud to be able to deliver this project on time and to the client’s exacting specifications and requirements.



Key Facts

  • Client: Morgan Ashurst
  • Location: London
  • Year: 2011

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