Hilton Western Link Road


An innovative alternative to piled foundations was implemented in this expansion of a by-pass and development of a wide bridge spanning a watercourse and floodplain.

The Hilton Western Link Road provided us with a challenging infrastructure project, incorporating the design of new reinforced concrete, refurbishment of concrete structures and detailed concept design. Walsh were challenged to build part of a by-pass serving a new housing estate and creating an additional 30m span to bridge a watercourse and its floodplain.

The bridge included bearings, the local authority was keen to have an inspection chamber behind the abutment. Due to the green-field nature of the site, we suggested an inspection well in front of the bearing shelf. This reduced health & safety risks by eliminating confined space working and omitted the need for the complicated construction of the chamber. Walsh also proposed the use of a pad foundation to eliminate the need for piling. The County Council initially resisted this idea as the bridge would have been the only one in Derbyshire of this span, not to be supported by piled foundations. However, with complex geotechnical and structural analysis of the subsoil and foundations, this innovative solution complied with all the technical approvals and led to significant cost savings for the client.

1744 – Hilton Link Bridge – Resized
1744 – Hilton Link Bridge (1) – Resized
1744 – Hilton Link Bridge (4) – Resized
1744 – Hilton Link Bridge (5) – Resized

Key Facts

  • Client: St Modwen
  • Location: Derby
  • Year: ?

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