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Once the site of The Curtain Theatre, which hosted William Shakespeare and his acting troupe, The Stage, Shoreditch comprises two office blocks, one of which is above the preserved archaeological site.

Walsh played a leading role in the development, from post planning to being responsible for the construction and delivery of the scheme. The Stage, Shoreditch is made up of two offices: The Hewett, which provides 70,000 sq ft of office space over 9 storeys and The Bard, which is the larger of the two, with 137,000sq ft across 13 storeys. One has a post-tensioned concrete frame which was chosen for flexible gym space and the other has a lightweight composite steel solution.

While an original investigation of the historic site identified the footprint of the theatre, upon exposure it turned out to be a different shape with a bigger space, putting the feasibility of one of the buildings in jeopardy. Walsh worked with Historic England to come up with a solution to pile through the remains, allowing both commercial viability and access to the important site.

As well as being a bustling business hub, The Stage will also become a world-class heritage centre, as the preserved remains of The Curtain Theatre will be transformed into a tourist attraction for those interested in Elizabethan history and the works of the Bard.


Key Facts

  • Client: The Stage Shoreditch Development Ltd.
  • Location: Shoreditch, London
  • Year: 2019
  • Summary:
    The Stage is a new mixed-use development in Shoreditch. The whole site is over 250,000ft2 containing the residential and office, leisure and retail space. It will have a 37-storey residential tower with 410 luxury apartments.

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