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Historic Buildings

We work on Grade I and Grade II Listed Buildings, offering a full understanding of what these buildings are made of, how they are structured and how they can be improved and maintained.

We have gained a wealth of experience in the historic buildings sector by working on a great deal of refurbishment projects across many types of buildings. Throughout this time we built strong relationships with several governing bodies such as English Heritage, the Crown Estate and Grosvenor Estate and have come to develop an excellent understanding of their individual rules and regulations.

As well as working with these heritage associations, the role of the client is extremely important in the historic buildings sector and we strive to work closely and collaboratively with each one. We have found that some clients like changes to be made in the style of the building, and others like repairs to be honestly expressed, so the repairs remain visible in contrast to the original work. We can take either approach and work with clients at the outset to determine the right way forward.

Although we have a rich knowledge of historic building techniques and processes we understand the value of research from scratch on every new project. We place great importance on finding the right experienced people for the job and are able to call in specialists such as TRADA timber specialists where appropriate.

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