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Embodied Carbon

In recent years, greenhouse gas emissions relating to a material or product, due to everything from extraction of raw materials and manufacturing, to transport, maintenance and decommissioning, have been gaining more attention in the built environment. Commonly termed embodied carbon, or capital carbon, Walsh has been conducting research in this field for a number years.

Through a combination of sponsored university projects and in-house research and development, Walsh have created a bespoke tool which calculates the embodied carbon of our projects. Through extensive testing, we have developed and implemented a unique system to regularly monitor our projects, identify opportunities to reduce embodied carbon of our designs, and share this information amongst clients, industry and our engineers. This helps the spread new ideas and continuously improves our practices.

This places Walsh at the forefront of expertise on advising, monitoring and reducing embodied carbon. We are currently working within the industry to produce practical guidance on implementing embodied carbon assessments into projects, and advising, based on our extensive findings, on how to reduce embodied carbon on projects throughout the design process.

For further assurance we have commissioned a leading UK university to carry out an independent audit on our assessment tool. The results of this will be available before the end of the year.

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