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Post-Tensioned Design

Since acquiring the leading post-tensioning design (PT) specialists Matthew Consultants in 2005, we have been at the forefront of PT design in the UK. This addition not only bolstered our resources but also changed our approach to client design requirements. We are now able to offer PT expertise from day one on all projects, with the ability to make all our structures PT friendly if the client wishes. We have found that the savings we can make using PT design often allow us to value engineer a project to great effect.

With our expertise and resources we have forged partnerships with all sorts of clients over the years, from frame contractors to main contractors.

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Post-Tensioned Design Projects

The Stage – Commercial

Once the site of The Curtain Theatre, which hosted William Shakespeare and his acting troupe, The Stage, Shoreditch comprises two office blocks, one...

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Aberdeen Hospital

We worked closely with the main contractor and the client’s engineer throughout the building regulation stage to deliver construction issue...

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New Street Square

A major commercial development in the heart of the City of London, incorporating high-rise blocks with uncommon weight distribution...

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Whiston Hospital

The development was the largest and most complex post-tensioned development in the UK, with the floors consisting of up to 38 pours each typically of...

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Woolwich Central, London

This versatile concrete frame development is a significant step forward in the regeneration of Woolwich and demonstrated the difference that value...

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Hale Village, London

A visually impressive student housing development incorporating a large cantilever feature and using lightweight modules and modern methods of...

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